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See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!

Erika C. (Dentist)

"Being in coaching sessions with Dr. Wray has been a blessing to my life. She guides me and lets me see things from an outside perspective. I often second guess myself and need extra assurance that what I am feeling is valid. I need to learn to trust my gut. Dr. Wray is very supportive and positive lady. I would highly recommend her to anyone anytime!"

Ava T. (Business Owner)

"Dr. Wray is such an inspirational and motivational person that is not only beautiful on the inside but outside as well. Through coaching Dr. Wray was able to help me to work through countless issues, fears and anxiety that I have had with men. With her help, extensive knowledge and guidance I have grown and become a better version of myself. I am no longer stuck in toxic relationships and I am now being treated like a Queen in a relationship where he absolutely adores me. I am still growing on my life journey. I am grateful for Dr. Wray being a beacon of light."

Olivia T. (Health Educator)

"Dr. Wray (or Coach Wendy as I like to call her) embodies the support that every woman needs. Every time we talk, I feel empowered and I’m reassured that I do have the necessary tools to have a healthy, meaningful relationships and life. I can always count on her to hear what I’m saying and what I’m not saying. Her thorough, truthful, and practical responses reinforce simple, yet profound life principles. It is evident that she lives by those principles. I deeply appreciate Coach Wendy and her listening ear. Thank you Coach Wendy for your encouragement and for what you are doing for women everywhere."
In This FREE Resource, You'll Discover... 
Love heals. Learn how to love and value yourself, then you can love others in a healthy way and be in a safe, happy, relationship.
Increase self-awareness. Reflect on the old as you embrace the NEW YOU. Have AH HA moments and gain the right tools to create change.
Have a life-changing experience and re-story your words, thoughts and mindset. Develop new habits and behaviors to transform your relationships.
Hello, I'm Dr. Wendy Wray
My name is Dr. Wendy, and I have spent the past 15 years learning the secret to creating a safe, healthy relationship. As a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT), a relationship expert and a certified relationship and wellness coach, I have helped thousands of individuals and couples to become healthy with stellar results. 

I help women like YOU, to break the cycle that leaves you perplexed with a loss of self. There is nothing I love more than helping women to create the love story they deserve.

The "5 Secret Tips Every Woman Should Know to Create Your Own Love Story," will help you to embrace the healthy relationship you deserve and give you the courage to let go of unhealthy relationships. Without it, you'll waste time and keep guessing how to create your new love story.

Eliminate the guesswork and no longer waste time in pursuit of a healthy relationship. Take action and create the love story you have dreamed about today and we can do this together! 
You Are One Step 
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Creating Your 
Love Story 
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Love Story 
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